"Hello Sweetie"

I stumbled into Paperchase the other day and found out that they have a new collection called Hello Sweetie which is full of stationary and kids things on the theme of marshmallows, ice-cream, doughnuts and lots of other things with hundreds-and-thousands on them.  

It's pretty frickin' adorable, to say the least.

Naturally, I couldn't resist these two notepads... Seriously, it was like a force of nature; when I saw there was only one of each left, I did that kind of panic-buying thing. So embarrassing.

I love how this one looks like a flump.

I'm also loving this B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum from Superdrug's own brand 'B.' I've been looking for a highlighter for ages and really wanted a liquid one so I can just use my fingers to apply it. This one's just perfect for me as it has a definite pinky-coloured sparkle when it sets.   

And, I've had this nail varnish for ages now, but (along with Models Own Utopia NP064) it's one of my absolute favourite nail varnishes. (It also kind of matches my notebook here). 

Oh yeah, and I bought some Sumikko Gurashi stickers for the usual reason I buy silly, pointless things (because they're cute!). I think they look pretty good on my appropriately pink phone cover.

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad, I found your blog again (made a new setup of my system and of course forgot to save my bookmarks... -.-)! I like the striped notepad the most. It glitters!! *.*